The Gig Agency
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We cut out the overhead.


What can we help you solve today?

You’ve got marketing needs, but maybe your current resources aren’t serving you— they’re too expensive, too slow, they’re not delivering or maybe you only need help on a project. We get it. We hear you. It’s why we’ve reengineered the way small companies can solve their marketing and advertising challenges. 

Goodbye brick and mortar.  

We understand the value of traditional marketing and advertising agencies. We came from them. But this is 2019. Brick and mortar, traditional org charts, layers and levels of employees—who needs them when an agency can be flexible, nimble and able to bend to your exact needs? 

Why pay for ad execs’ corner offices?

Most agencies want to sell you more than what you need, to justify their bloated salaries and spiffy offices. We don’t even have offices. We build teams of professional resources specific to your needs and orchestrate the work virtually, through online productivity tools, group planning sessions and meetings at your office.

A stable of smart thinkers ready to work.

The Gig Agency CEO Tom Wilson honed his skills at big agencies like Fallon, Campbell Mithun and Martin Williams, and smaller shops like Risdall Marketing Group. Along the way, he built relationships with fellow marketing experts who now comprise a stable of resources he can pluck to work on your projects.